Monday, November 28, 2022

OPEN THE FLOODGATES: Three New Elections Lawsuits Filed This Morning

UPDATE, 9:35pm: Hearings have been set for later this week in two of the three suits filed today. In the Kari Lake public records lawsuit (details, #1 below), Judge Blaney has set a Thursday morning (12/1, 9am) return hearing on the Order to Show Cause.

In the LD22 write-in Senate Election Contest, Judge Joseph Mikitish has set a Friday afternoon (12/2, 4pm) hearing on the OSC.

UPDATE, 12:45: Here is Judge Brad Astrowsky's Order DENYING Plaintiff's request for a TRO to stop Maricopa County's official canvass. Plaintiff Golec used the Election Contest statutes as her basis for relief. Judge Astrowsky ruled that the window for such an action opens AFTER completion of the canvass (for five days).

ORIGINAL ARTICLE, 11/28, 12:30pm: OPEN THE FLOODGATES: Three New Elections Lawsuits Filed This Morning

Not one, not two, but three separate lawsuits were filed this morning concerning Maricopa County's November 8 elections. Let's do a quick recap:

1) The Kari Lake public records lawsuit that has been previously reported as filed was officially filed this morning. It seeks answers from Maricopa County elections officials about November 8 issues. Tim LaSota is Lake's campaign's attorney, and the case has been assigned to Judge Scott Blaney.

2) Former candidate Gail Golec filed for an emergency TRO to stop today's official canvass of Maricopa County's election results. The motion was DENIED as being premature - that it needed to happen AFTER the canvass. The denial was finalized so that Ms. Golec could appeal. Judge Brad Astrowsky was the judge assigned to the matter, and Ms. Golec filed without an attorney.

3) Attorney Tim LaSota has filed an Election Contest against the results for the state Senate race in Legislative District 22. This was the race where Diego Espinoza withdrew from the race after the ballots had been printed, and several write-in candidates were running to fill the seat. The new lawsuit alleges that some of Eva Diaz's write-in votes should not have been counted because some people may have both written her name in and bubbled Espinoza's name. Diaz received 6,629 write-in votes, and the next closest candidate received 3,722. The case has been assigned to Judge Joseph Mikitish.

BONUS: There will be a 2pm hearing on the Election Contest filed by the Republican National Committee and AG candidate Abe Hamadeh.

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