Thursday, April 22, 2021

OFF-TOPIC Announcement: HELP Recycle Used-Up EIP Debit Cards/etc (You CAN'T Just Throw Them In Your Recycling Barrels)

RECYCLE your used-up stimulus debit cards - as well as the credit cards, gift cards, etc - and keep them out of Arizona landfills! TODAY, we are starting a micro-non-profit project to actually RECYCLE those pieces of PVC with chips, magnetic strips, etc.!

Unfortunately, we cannot just toss this "plastic" into our recycling barrels - the municipal sorters just dump them in the landfill-bound trash stream. HOWEVER, and the Law Offices of Paul Weich are purchasing a recycling collection box just for these toxic cards, and are asking for your help. You can gather and drop off (or, send in) your used up cards, and you can help spread the word. (This will be an ongoing project.)

The IRS direct deposited the stimulus payments for one of my daughters, but the other one has received multiple debit cards from the government. Turns out millions of Americans received two or three of these non-reloadable cards from the IRS. Although each individual card is small, collectively that adds at least 2.8 tons of PVC materials to ARIZONA'S landfills.

The Terracycle recycling box will take those cards out of the trash stream and responsibly melt down the components into reusable materials.

We are also gathering used up gift cards, expired credit cards, etc. If you have or work at a business that accepts gift cards, or are a financial institution, collect those otherwise worthless pieces of "plastic" and get them to us. (We can even provide you a certificate to show your customers you're trying to be more sustainable!)

Make sure the cards are used up, then MAIL them to Law Offices of Paul Weich, 4802 E. Ray Road #23-541, Phoenix AZ 85044. If you're in our Tempe neighborhood, you can DROP them off at our office at 2234 S. McClintock. (We'll cut them in half if you haven't.)

QUESTIONS? Email me at Paul-dot-Weich-dot-Law-at-gmail-dot-com.

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