Monday, May 18, 2020

BREAKING: Judge Scott Rash CONFIRMED To Arizona's U.S. District Court Bench

Pima County Superior Court Judge Scott Rash was elevated to a lifetime position on Arizona's U.S. District Court Bench this morning, as the Senate voted overwhelmingly, 74-20, to confirm him. Both of Arizona's Senators supported his confirmation.

Rash is 57 years old and has been the presiding Family Court judge in Tucson. He was on the Superior Court bench for the past 10 years. He fills a vacancy created when Judge Cindy Jorgenson went to Senior status just over two years ago.

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5/18: UPDATE: U.S. Senate Moves Tucson Judge One Day Away From Confirmation For Federal Judgeship

The U.S. Senate voted this afternoon to limit debate on Judge Scott Rash's nomination to the U.S. District Court bench for Arizona. The cloture vote was 67-21. The confirmation vote will now take place tomorrow or

Rash was nominated for the lifetime judicial position by President Trump last September, and has received positive recommendations from both of Arizona's Senators. He is currently a Pima County Superior Court Judge.

Rash is currently the presiding Family Court judge and has been on the Superior Court bench since 2010. He previously worked in private practice on civil litigation and with the Arizona Attorney General's Office in criminal prosecution. He attended University of Arizona for both undergraduate and law school.

His most recent judicial performance ratings are from 2016, and show that he was unanimously approved as meeting performance standards.

Arizona has one more nomination pending before the Senate. Judge John Hinderaker is also on the Pima County Superior Court bench, but his choice has proved to be more controversial among Republicans. His selection passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee in March on a 16-6 vote; the six "no" votes were all from Republican Senators.

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