Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BREAKING: AZ Supreme Court To Brnovich and Ducey: Meh, Election Procedures Manual Challenge Is Not "Extraordinary"

The Arizona Supreme Court today effectively thumbed their collective noses at Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich's late lawsuit to try to force a new Elections Procedures Manual from Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The Justices refused to reach down and take the appeal from the intermediate Court of Appeals, saying none of the criteria - including for "extraordinary circumstances" - have been met. (Governor Doug Ducey also urged the court to take the case.)

The decision guarantees that Brnovich will not succeed in forcing a rewrite. Yavapai County Superior Court Judge John Napper said the statutes setting up the process for approval of a new manual had been followed and that Brnovich was "far too late" in filing the lawsuit.

Here is the Order:

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