Wednesday, September 8, 2021

UPDATE: Maricopa County Board Schedule Possible Monday Action On State Senate Election Audit/Recount Subpoenas

Update, 9/17,  2:15pm: The Supervisors have scheduled another Special meeting for this coming Monday afternoon. But, this one is more enticing than most: they have listed an *Open* session to possibly take action "regarding the election and compliance with the Senate subpoena and litigation."

This will be the 22nd Special (and/or Emergency) Executive Session of 2021 for the Board, which is overwhelmingly Republican.

As noted below, both the Board's Notice of Claim and the Attorney General's finding are coming up on their calendar towards the end of the month. Given the wording of Monday's 1:00pm agenda, this would more likely deal with the latter.

Original article 9/8/21: Maricopa County Board To Hold Special Meeting To Discuss Election Audit Subpoenas Standoff

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors will hold a special closed door meeting to discuss their long-running standoff with the Arizona State Senate regarding the 2020 election and the subsequent subpoenas and audit/recount.

The Republican-dominated Board will receive updates from both their "in-house" County Attorney's Office AND their outside (private sector_ counsel. In addition, they will be joined by other county-wide elected officials (Sheriff Paul Penzone, Recorder Stephen Richer and Assessor Eddie Cook), indicating that the Senate's demands for the county's routers are going to be part of the discussion.

This will be the 21st Special and/or Emergency Executive Session held this year by the Board of Supervisors; all or nearly all of them have had to do with the battle with the Senate.

Currently on the clock are (1) the Board's Notice of Claim against the State Senate, seeking reimbursement for the $2.8M which the County is incurring for new voting machines as a result of the "audit"; and (2) the Arizona Attorney General's finding that the County could lose state funds if it does not resolve the outstanding subpoena issues. Both of those are coming to a head at the end of September.

Here is tomorrow's agenda:

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