Wednesday, June 30, 2021

NEW, LISTEN: "AZ Law" Podcast Episode - "Audit" Public Records Suit, Brnovich, U.S. Supreme Court and More

 In today's installment of "AZ Law", we bring you several articles and commentaries about legal issues in Arizona. Articles feature the public records lawsuit regarding the State Senate's recount/"audit", Attorney General Mark Brnovich's cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, who will replace Brnovich next year, and turmoil at the Pima County Attorney's Office.

"AZ Law" includes articles, commentaries and updates about opinions from the Arizona Supreme Court, U.S. Supreme Court, as well as trial and appellate courts, etc.

AZ Law also airs on non-profit Sun Sounds of Arizona, a statewide reading service that provides audio access to printed material for people who cannot hold or read print material due to a disability. If you know someone who could benefit from this 24/7 service, please let them know about member-supported Sun Sounds. And, YOU can donate or listen here.

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