Thursday, May 6, 2021

ANALYSIS: Fmr AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett Proves Maricopa Recount/Audit Is a Five Alarm Fire

 A GREAT interview by @JenAFifield!

I'm ALARMED and have to tug on this thread. Pls bear with me!

ANALYSIS: It's more clear than ever that State Senate Pres. @FannKfann & "liaison" - fmr Secy/State - @BennettArizona have ABDICATED their responsibilities to @maricopacounty & ALL of its voters. (Thus, ENTIRE SENATE has abdicated, too.) This interview is evidence that can/should be reviewed/used by @TheJusticeDept's @CivilRights.

The "contract" between Fann & Cyber Ninjas is insufficient, the so-far-disclosed procedures are insufficient. 

When you add insufficient oversight by the liaison, you have a train wreck that is about to get MUCH worse. 

IF door knocking with our private info & under *color of state law* is permitted, there MUST be indep observers at every door. (Even if it adds to intimidation factor, strict oversight is needed.) Heck, @Arizona_DPS can probably lend some BODY CAMS!

HISTORY & GOVT REFRESHER: Arizona's Legislature - and, courts - have spent 109 years+ passing laws to ensure that our elections are fair, accurate and that voters can trust them If the Senate GOP felt a need to do a "full forensic audit" of just 1 county, they woulda/coulda/shoulda passed new laws providing the guiderails. They didn't and we are seeing the bad results.

I've previously expressed my alarm at the financial abdication and legislating abdication by the State Senate GOP.

But, Bennett's interview & overseeing abdication adds several alarms.

We now have a FIVE ALARM BLAZE threatening the foundation of our democracy. And, it is the arsonists who are trying to block the emergency response (not "Antifa").

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