Friday, November 20, 2020

DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE: "Sharpiegate 2: The Unknowing" Has Its Disaster Day In Court, Does Not End Well

 There are no remaining court challenges to Arizona voters tilting toward Joe Biden over Donald Trump on November 3.

Judge Margaret Mahoney gave the so-called Sharpiegate plaintiffs a full day in Maricopa County Superior Court on Friday, although she was pleased with neither the lack of a comprehensible case nor courtroom know-how by the attorneys.

Arizona's Law was fortunate to have Chandler attorney Tom Ryan brilliantly live-tweeting the bulk of the all-day evidentiary hearing. (We'll thread it and post it here shortly, followed by a thread of our end-of-the-day coverage.)

Several times during the hearing, attorneys for Maricopa County noted and argued that the county was certifying its vote totals in favor of Biden at about the same time that Mahoney declared "Dismissed with prejudice."

In the meantime, here is a compendium of our previous coverage of Sharpiegate and the court cases that resulted.

BREAKING: Republican National Committee has moved to INTERVENE in Sharpiegate lawsuit

BREAKING: Trump Campaign Sues To Stop Maricopa County Vote Canvass, Blames Poll Workers Who Permitted Overvotes (READ Complaint)

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