Thursday, November 5, 2020

BREAKING: Republican National Committee has moved to INTERVENE in Sharpiegate lawsuit

UPDATE, 5pm: Superior Court Judge Margaret Mahoney orders the parties to get together and submit a joint plan on how to proceed by tomorrow morning at 11:30.

UPDATE, 4:15pm: Maricopa County attorney Tom Liddy urges the Court to be done with this case, because "the relief requested is simply impossible." Ballots are not personally identifiable in any way once they are inserted by the voter into the tabulating machine.

Liddy asks Judge Margaret Mahoney to order the Plaintiffs to cease and desist from approaching Maricopa County employees without counsel present. Plaintiffs presented a sworn declaration from an employee today (Joshua Banko).

UPDATE, 4:05pm: Donald Trump's campaign, the Republican National Committee and the Arizona Democratic Party have all been granted the right to intervene in the case.

Within the past hour, the Republican National Committee has moved to INTERVENE in the Sharpiegate lawsuit in Maricopa County.

The Republicans are represented by both Snell & Wilmer and Statecraft, and they will be present at this afternoon's initial hearing.

The Arizona Democratic Party moved to intervene earlier in the day. Both Perkins & Coie and Ballard Spahr are representing the Democrats.

The plaintiff is being represented by Alex Kolodin and the conservative Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Today's initial hearing is in Superior Court.

In the meantime, here are two of our personal experience threads regarding so-called "SharpieGate".

MCAO Response to AAG Michael Catlett Re Sharpies by arizonaspolitics on Scribd

An interesting side-note: Alex Kolodin represents the Plaintiff in this case. Earlier today, the Arizona Supreme Court issued its opinion in the case he brought challenging the Maricopa County Recorder regarding the proposed instructions on how voters could correct any errors made on their mailed ballots.

Another side-note: Tom Liddy is present for the hearing. He earlier joined the Maricopa County Attorney's Office as the Civil Services Division Chief.

(Pleadings, details to follow)

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