Monday, May 11, 2020

BREAKING: Rep. Bolick Stays On Ballot, Says Supreme Court; ARIZONA ELECTION CHALLENGES - Big and Small, Updated through May 11

UPDATE, 5:10pm: The Arizona Supreme Court has decided that although State Rep. Shawnna Bolick "did not strictly comply" with statutory requirements to list her residential address, it was unlikely to confuse voters and that she can remain on the ballot for one of the LD20 House seats.

The Order is below.

* * * * *

The Arizona Supreme Court has set the accelerated briefing schedules for all of the election challenge appeals. Two of them have already been decided, and all but one will be in front of the Court by Wednesday. (That last one involves a legislative race in Pima County - Democratic candidate Javier Soto is being challenged in LD3. The ballot deadline in Pima is later than in Maricopa, so the Court gave the parties more time to brief the appeal.)

We have also added several cases from Apache County to the spreadsheet. Although we had to pay a few dollars to get the minute entries, we now know that Sheriff Joseph Dedmon, Jr. did survive a challenge to his nomination petitions. Most other challenges in Apache were successful, however.

The spreadsheet includes all of the cases from Maricopa County Superior Court - which handles statewide, multi-county, and county wide cases. It also includes cases from other counties that were provided to Arizona's Politics/AZ Law by readers or officials.

We are reaching out to the attorneys involved in the appeals, asking to publish their arguments. If you have info on any cases - from any county - that are not listed here, please email me all of the necessary data (and a link, if available) to Paul.Weich.AZlaw @ Ditto if you have updates on the spreadsheet.

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