Thursday, April 30, 2020

BREAKING: Shawnna Bolick To REMAIN On Ballot For Key State House Seat (READ Decision)

UPDATE, 2:55pm: We have not yet received word from plaintiff's counsel as to whether his client would appeal today's ruling to the Supreme Court. However, the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee ("AZDLCC") did issue a statement this afternoon decrying the decision. "“If someone runs for office they should follow the law – period," said AZDLCC Executive Director Charlie Fisher. Without indicating who might have hired the plaintiff's attorney, Fisher added his "hope" that it will be appealed.

* * *

Arizona State Rep. Shawnna Bolick will remain on the August and November ballots, ruled a Superior Court judge this morning. Her nomination papers had been challenged as being false because she used a private mailbox store address on her petitions and nominating paper, instead of the
"actual residence address."

Judge M. Scott McCoy heard oral arguments on the issue yesterday afternoon, and issued his decision this morning. He relied upon the Arizona Supreme Court opinion from the 2016 Maricopa County Sheriff's race, in which the justices found that Dan Saban had "substantially complied" because the private P.O. box address was in the same zip code as his residence.

Plaintiff's attorney Jim Barton tells Arizona's Law that his client has not yet decided whether or not an appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court will be forthcoming.

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