Tuesday, February 4, 2020

LISTEN: Ride-sharing Fees At Sky Harbor, "Ballot Harvesting" Ban, Embryos Post-Divorce, and More; A New Installment of "AZ Law"

This installment of "AZ Law" has as many commentaries on Arizona cases as news articles. After an update on the Sky Harbor fees-for-ridesharing case, we have the surprising 9th Circuit decision on Arizona's "ballot harvesting" ban. Two opposing commentaries about that opinion follow. Then we have an article and column about the Arizona Supreme Court's case on what happens to embryos after a divorce.

Two more articles and a commentary follow.

Full listing:
1) Uber Drivers & Passengers Won't Be Able To Pick Up Case Vs. Sky Harbor Ride-Sharing Fees (AZ Law, Weich)
2) 9th Circuit Throws Out AZ's "Ballot Harvesting" Ban, Says Law's Intent Was To Discriminate Vs. Minorities (AZ Law, Weich)
3) Commentary: AZ can't ban ballot harvesting because we're racist? Federal court suggests so (Robb, Republic)
4) Commentary: Federal appeals court quashes AZ's latest voter suppression law, for now (Montini, Republic)
5) Woman can't use fertilized embryos without ex-husband's consent, AZ Supreme Court rules (Polletta, Republic)
6) Commentary: AZ Supreme Court ruled who gets the ebryos, but this case has no winners (Allhands, Republic)
7) 9th Circuit Says Holding AZ In Contempt for Healthcare In Prisons Is Valid, Maintains $1.45M Fine (AZ Law, Weich)
8) Ducey asks 9th Circuit to void court decision on land trust (Fischer, Capitol Media Services)
9) Commentary: Progress, yes, but we still have good reasons to sue AZ over school funding (O'Grady & Bendor, Republic)

"AZ Law" includes articles, commentaries and updates about opinions from the Arizona Supreme Court, U.S. Supreme Court, as well as trial and appellate courts, etc.

More on these cases and other legal news can be found at ArizonasLaw.org.

AZ Law also airs on non-profit Sun Sounds of Arizona, a statewide reading service that provides audio access to printed material for people who cannot hold or read print material due to a disability. If you know someone who could benefit from this 24/7 service, please let them know about member-supported Sun Sounds. And, YOU can donate or listen here.

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